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Game Breeding

Game breeding is a privilege, and valuable lessons learnt as a Bonsmara stud breeder  over the past 20 years are applied daily in our breeding programs.


Our initial Gemsbok breeding herd came from Namibia and from Mega Springbok/Koos du Plessis


There are six sub species of Tsessebe in Africa, the Southern Tsessebe (Damaliscus Lunatus Lunatus ) is found in Southern Africa.


These exceptional animals, which originate from the Nuanetse Region in Zimbabwe, were acquired from Terry Herlodt near Dwaalboom in Limpopo.


Although there are differences of opinion in the naming conventions of  Springbuck, a general accepted view is that Kalahari Springbuck (Northern Springbuck) originates from North of the Orange and Vaal rivers, while the Southern Springbuck is found in the Western Cape, Free State and Eastern Cape. We acquired our original breeding herd from Mega Springbok .


The Nyala was first decribed by George French Angas, an English naturalist, in 1849. The Nyala is mainly active in the early morning and the late afternoon.


This is a recessive colour variant of the blue wildebeest originally found in the Limpopo Valley and Tuli Block in Botswana. The colour variant is thought to be an adaptation to the extreme heat in that area.


The initial breeding heard was acquired from Crown Game Breeders, where various West-Zambian bloodlines are used including the Silent Valley Bloodline.

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